Making Everything Sound Better

Linn have been making extraordinary music systems for 40 years, and fantastic music for 30 years. Linn design and make every part in a Linn system because it's the only way to ensure the music sounds as good as it can.

Linn make Turntables, Digital Stream Players (Network Players), Tuners, Integrated Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Loudspeakers and complete Systems.

A great system should be able to play anything you throw at it: music, movies, games, everything. It should be easy to use and built to last. Find out what makes a Linn music system extraordinary.


Your shelves and hard-drives may be filled with music but there’s far more there than you realise … parts of albums you just haven’t truly heard, intricate melodies yet to be fully unfolded. Even songs that you think you know well are holding tantalising secrets. Play your collection through a Linn and hear the music you didn’t know you owned.

The source comes first
A great music system begins with the source of music itself. The better the musicians, the quality of recording and production, the better the result. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link—that’s why we design and make everything from the electronics to the speakers. We even record and produce music too. There’s great music out there but most systems only extract and play a fraction of it. If you want to hear all of your music, choose Linn.

Rediscover your collection
You don’t have to replace your collection to get more from your favourite albums. With Linn you get to hear everything, including the bits ordinary systems don’t let through. From vinyl to downloads, you’ll hear the difference with Linn. Your CDs are still a good source of music—just rip or import them once and pack your discs away. With no moving parts and no electro-magnetic noise from spinning drives or unnecessary circuitry, CDs sound better with Linn DS Players.

Change your music life
Music can change your life. A music system won’t do that on its own but it will bring you much closer to great music, and the great artists that influence you. A Linn can make old favourites sound completely new and make unfamiliar tracks stand out like never before. Like when you listen to a live performance of a song you know well and everything changes for you. Rediscover your favourites and find some new ones too.

Everything sounds better

All Linn’s network players use your standard home network, so whether you’ve ripped all your CDs onto your PC, or want to AirPlay from your iPad, they have it all covered.

What’s more, you can listen to music from the cloud too, such as Netflix, Spotify or the lossless streaming service TIDAL.